LTM Solar2 Waterproof Power Station

LTM Solar2 Waterproof Power Station

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Meet the new LTM Solar2 Dual USB 300000mAH Waterproof Power Station!

We've all been there, at least I know I have....phones dead and not a charger in sight.


Only thing worse than being out of power is being out of rubbers when she asks if you've got one.

The Solar2 might not be able to solve your lady problem, but its got your power issue on lock! I'ts 3000000mAH capacity can deliver a complete charge to most smartphones 3-4 times...but during some tests we got up to 6 charges! 

Solar2 has a high capacity solar panel built in to supplement charging and increase available capability. It's ultra-lightweight, and to top it off its waterproof construction makes it a perfect companion for camping and fishing trips.

Inside Solar2 we've used two smart chip panels that automatically adjust the voltage to the perfect level depending on the device you plug in. This allows for a longer lasting, more sustainable charge.

But wait! There's more!  (sorry I had to lol)

Solar2 includes 2 built in high output LED' know, just in case you get left in the dark and need a reliable light source. Hold or tap the power button to change between strobe mode and flashlight light.

We tried to pack as many simple, but usable features as we could into Solar2. We even included a mini built in compass into the casing and a carabiner clip that's perfect for a backpack. Cool thing about clipping it to a backpack is that if the suns out...Solar2 is charging!

Long story short, everyone should have one of these in their tackle box, glove box, or tool box...every box needs a Solar2!


  • Solar2 charging cable is included
  • Smartphone charging cable is NOT included
  • Solar charging is supplemental, please do not rely on it for full charging
  • Solar2 should be plugged into a wall outlet for its first full charge
  • The case in the photos (because I keep getting asked) is an LTM Armor Plus
Due to High demand please allow up to 7 days for delivery.
30 Day Warranty, No Returns Unless Defective Unit or Unopened.
If you have any problems or concerns please email me