LTM Anti-Gravity Case Apple/Samsung

LTM Anti-Gravity Case Apple/Samsung

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Our LTM Anti-Gravity case works by using micro nano suction technology!

Don't be fooled by imitators!

Compatible with most iPhone models and Galaxy phones, it can stick to glass, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile, and most smooth, flat surfaces.

Perfect for going hands-free while taking selfies, Skyping, having FaceTime conversations, recording video blogs, live streaming with Periscope and Meerkat and much more.


* High Quality Anti Gravity Nano Suction Tech 
* Vertical absorption on smooth surfaces
* High polymer absorption materials for repeated use
* Doesn't stick to cloth or hands
* Sticks without being sticky
* High quality TPU case protects your phone and absorbs shock
* TPU material also protects from scratches
* Full access to all ports and buttons
* When the Anti Gravity case back gets dirty with dust, you can clean it with water to recover it.